Buffalo Country Connection
Dallas County Farmers Exchange - MFA - moving forward.......

The Buffalo MFA Farm and Home is the headquarters of the Dallas County Farmers Association #177. The cooperative has 3 locations in Dallas County,
Buffalo, Fair Grove, and Urbana, and is owned by its farmer members. Dallas County Farmers Exchange began in 1920 to serve the farmers and ranchers in the area. Today, the traditions continue and we strive to meet the high standards that our customers want and need to remain competitive in the farming industry. The store also carries a large selection of hardware, clothing, small and large animal products, equine, tack, as well as having a busy small engine repair facility and sales.

Beginning an online store to better assist our community, is just one way the Dallas County Farmers Exchange continues to recognize the needs in Dallas county as well as the surrounding counties and communities.

Contact Information:

Phone: (417)345-2121

Email : buffalo.country.connection@dcfarmer-mfa.com

Stop by our Buffalo or Fair Grove locations to see the new mowers and other power equipment that you will need this spring!  Click on images for additional information.

You give back every day. Now it’s our turn. You give back every day. Now it’s our turn. Image result for big dog mowers


WW Equipment  Visit our Urbana location for all of your W-W Livestock Equipment  & QLF needs.              

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